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What you should have to become An Edupreneur / Preschool Owner :-

Vision & Mission:
To Serve & inspire preschool kids to have lifelong desire for Learning and to prepare students for std. 1st, through series of Meaningful & Effective Educational Activities.

Temperament :
Ability to handle pressures, conflicts and crises calmly and with tact is the kind of temperament that will serve the business well.

It is a force that comes from within and pushes you to excel. It is that 'fire' that wills you to forge ahead against all odds. If you have a liberal outlook towards operating this business you will only invite troubles and your franchise business will be doomed to failure from the very beginning.

Maturity :
Business requires a certain level of maturity for efficient running of operational activities mainly managing employees and handling customers. Maturity enables you to handle day-to-day crisis calmly and take crucial decisions with due deliberation.

Tenacity :
This can be defined as the enthusiasm to get things done despite all odds. Whether it is a job that needs to be finished quickly, an employee who needs a feedback or a customer needing special attention, you must have the drive to see that these jobs are carried our quickly and not delayed by other distractions.


Finances :
Starting a business requires money, so you must be clear from the very beginning as to how much money you can put into your business and whether it can provide the expected returns. These need to be carefully worked out.

Managerial Ability :
The managerial abilities ,like leadership skills, effective man-management and effective communication skills.